Our Teachers in Action

Our teachers teach with passion, so you and your children can learn in leisure.



Ashton, our violin teacher, coaching his 9-year-old student on basic bowing techniques. Ashton uses a flexible teaching technique, comprising short supplementary exercises on top of regular pieces, allowing him to identify students’ weaknesses and enhance their skills rapidly. This learner-centred approach creates a tailored learning environment, benefiting students regardless of their learning style.




Iskander and his student perfecting rhythm and coordination in a drum lesson. Through the usage of softwares and state-of-the-art technology, Iskander helps students sharpen their skills while elevating the learning experience beyond traditional methods. This blended learning increases student engagement, offering an interactive and dynamic learning environment for both new and experienced students.



Celeste guiding her new student to warm up her vocal cords before lesson! Both our vocal and ukulele teacher, Celeste strongly believes in engaging her students to help them reach their potential – by using active experimentation, she offers different strategies to develop a strong foundation. This builds on past lesson concepts and progress to allow for greater improvements in a student.




Syafiqah demonstrating strumming techniques in a lesson. Passionate about the instrument, Syafiqah believes in becoming more than a guitar teacher – but becoming an effective problem solver. By walking her students through the process of mastering a technique, she is able to give her students immediate victories and this helps to build confidence in their skills. Syafiqah also uses an integrated learning model to guide students to apply skills to songs of their choice, allowing students to pick up basic skills yet master complicated songs swiftly.



Daniel in an enjoyable lesson with his young student! Our talented piano teacher, Daniel, promotes kinesthetic learning as he gets students to try out new scales or pieces by themselves through sight reading, allowing them to find their own learning style. From there, he guides students through their weaknesses and cultivates independent learning in students.